Job Opening – Chemist

Looking for a chemist to conduct research, analysis, synthesis, and experimentation on substances for the purposes of product and process development, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and improvement of analytical methodologies.
Utilize knowledge in ANDA, QbD, OTC, RLD, QAD/MFG PRO, HPLC, GC, PSD, XRD, Korsch, Colton, UV- VIS Spectrophotometer, Brookfield Viscometer, Glatt WSG-500, Fitz mill, ICH/US-FDA guidelines. Analyze organic & inorganic compounds to determine chemical and physical properties. Conduct analytical method development and validation, process and cleaning validation, formulation development of various dosage types.

Candidates with Bachelor’s degree or higher in relevant field should mail resume to HR department, Guardian Drug Company, 2 Charles court, Dayton, NJ 08810.